Let's talk money... maybe just me

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Let's talk money... maybe just me

Postby ThePocketProtector » Tue Apr 28, 2020 7:22 pm

I found out the other day that I am not getting paid for a complete quiz bowl year of coaching, because of the shutdown. I'll be alright. It is a very small amount of money, because we were basically finished with the competition part of the year. All of the stuff I have to get ready for next season, I will still have to do even if I don't get paid. It is definitely frustration, but I guess that is life. I share it here so if anyone else is in the same boat, they know they aren't alone.

Like I said, I understand why it is happening, but it is still frustrating. Tons of people have it much worse than me.

So to clarify, they will pay me for quiz bowl for the days we were in session, but not for any days after that.
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