Professionalism and Dress in Quiz Bowl (x-post hsqb)

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Professionalism and Dress in Quiz Bowl (x-post hsqb)

Postby tomoore » Sun Mar 01, 2020 3:23 am

This evening, Chris Chiego of Greater PA Quizbowl wrote a good post on the necessity of standards and norms that the broader quizbowl community needs to adopt in the efforts to market and credential the game to the general public. Among the calls were for an adherence to socially acceptable dress code (e.g. business casual or at least looking decent and presentable) and the elimination of team pseudonym/tournament naming that is confusing and unclear.

I have to largely agree with Chris’s points, the post in which they’re outlined can be found here. The idea on name tags/nameplates I’m personally not a huge fan of and largely find unnecessary, but past that it’s a solid post.

I personally would like to see it become a norm and standard that every reader wears “dressy casual.” No t-shirts, no hooded sweatshirts, no sweatpants. I think it is imperative for collared shirts (preferably with buttons!) and pants with a belt to be worn.

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Re: Professionalism and Dress in Quiz Bowl (x-post hsqb)

Postby ThePocketProtector » Sun Mar 01, 2020 12:34 pm

won't disparage the idea, but I myself don't plan on touching or promoting anything put out by GPQB. There are quite a few things that they have written that I see as objectionable, and several of their people are very unprofessional. Also, between those items and some of the crap (that's what some of it is) that is written by their Twitter account, if you were to show it to any coach or administrator, they would say "yuck, that's what quizbowl is?". (Full disclosure: I have gotten in a back-in-forth and subsequent blocking by them on Twitter, and when I constructively critiqued something they put wrote about "which national tournaments should you go to?" on Facebook - as shared by a friend - Victor Prieto of GPQB simply replied a very cheap, insulting, and mean-spirited barb that I am not going to post on this board. If someone would like me to point out examples as to what I believe is objectionable, I have no problem doing so but this may not be the thread for it.)

Josh, I don't think your ideas are bad. They are pretty considerate of a ton of factors that many of us experienced folks in the game take for granted (buzzers, any quick words of advice to a TD that may be new, and conveying a guide of "how to"). For new tournaments and new coaches, it can make a ton of sense and be practical. I am, however, going to stand by my comments about GPQB. I would go so far as to say if I were to put on a tournament and someone gave out their stuff, I would not invite them back. That may be very harsh, but I see things very differently than they do. I think I have said my piece, there. (On that note, if anyone is to pass out information at a tournament, it is imperative they get permission from the TD to do so.)

I'm for one, glad you grew past this. It is a different writer, but you were broadly dismissive at the time and not narrow in your opinion. I'm glad we aren't "canceling" groups for dislike of OAC now. I don't mind OAC, but it is still good to know.

I don't like name tags either. I've been known to wear a hat that says "Queen" in gold thread on it. It is especially useful at the beginning of tournaments with new people. I am also a fan of a hat that has a Chillicothe flag on it.

I will never be okay with the removal of pseudonyms. There are too many coaches that refuse to let their players play without them, but have quiz bowl as such a low priority that they never go anywhere.

Edit: The southern Ohio came out in me so I had to fix a typo.
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