SSNCT Ohio Roundup

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SSNCT Ohio Roundup

Postby trbenedict » Wed May 08, 2019 1:29 pm

Twenty-seven Ohio teams competed in the Traditional Public and Open divisions at the Small School National Championship Tournament in Chicago, IL. The following teams made the playoffs and finished in the top 25 of their respective divisions:

Traditional Public
Ottawa Hills 13-4 (3rd, 2nd Very Small School)
Beachwood 11-5 (T5)
Cloverleaf 6-6 (T17)
Maplewood 6-6 (T25, T10 VSS)
Evergreen 6-6 (T25, T10 VSS)

Miami Valley A 14-2 (1st)
Maumee Valley 6-6 (T17)

Mazin Omer (Ottawa Hills) and Yang Yu (Beachwood) were Traditional Public All-Stars. Brooks Powalie (Cloverleaf) was a Traditional Public Rising Star. John John Groger (Miami Valley) was an Open Division All-Star. Sahir Kabir (Miami Valley) was an Open Division Rising Star.

Congratulations to Ottawa Hills on their double-trophy performance, as well as Beachwood, who made a wonderful playoff run dispatching teams like Louisiana (Missouri, home of tournament leading scorer Michael Powers) and Southwestern Piasa (IL) before running into eventual champions Glasgow A in the consolation bracket, where they took 10 tossups off the Scotties and only fell 80 points short.
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Re: SSNCT Ohio Roundup

Postby tomoore » Thu May 09, 2019 3:59 pm

To Tyler, John John, William, Max, Amay, and the entire Miami Valley School program:

Congratulations on winning this year’s 2019 NAQT Small School (Open) National Championship! This is significant, this is meaningful and I think speak for the entirety of the Ohio quizbowl community when I say a hearty “well done, and many congratulations” on the performance that the MVS Rams put up over the weekend. A national championship is quite fine enough, but to beat back High Tech the third time around on Sunday en route to a national title is not just remarkable but memorable in Ohio quizbowl lore. From one small-school participant to a small-school champion, congratulations!

- - - -

I’m going to take a second here to also recognize the accomplishments of both Ottawa Hills and Beachwood this past weekend. I have never read for Beachwood, in fact ever (unbelievably, although this shall change!), but nevertheless I’ll shower them with their well-deserved praise for a memorable and impactful weekend run at SSNCT!

Shoutout, also, to Ottawa Hills - and in particular the Green Bear seniors along with Coach Torio - for their defined, successful (as the kids would say) “natty” runs these last two years, and for being arguably one of the coolest and most enjoyable programs I’ve had the pleasure to read for in recent memory. Do well, young men! And for your college quizbowl spectators lurking around, you heard it here first that Mazin Omer will make a mark next year at SCT and ICT for a Harvard Crimson squad!
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Re: SSNCT Ohio Roundup

Postby setht » Tue May 28, 2019 11:19 am

Congratulations to all the teams who competed at the SSNCT, and congratulations in particular to Miami Valley on your championship! I've read for some of you at Columbus-area tournaments this past year; I hope to do more of that, and perhaps also make it to SSNCT, next year.

Best of luck to everyone participating in NSC and NASAT, and I hope everyone is safe and sound after last night's storms.
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